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It’s no secret that men are visual creatures when it comes to attraction. As much as its easy to hate on men for focusing so much on looks, we aren’t all to blame. Its hard-wired into our evolutionary programming in order to ensure the survival of the human race. So the next time you catch us staring inappropriately, just say thank you for saving the world one stare at a time!

I kid of course. But it is important to understand that men are largely visual creatures, especially if you are trying to attract a man in the online dating world. You may have the best written profile in the world, but if you don’t know how to attract a man through the written word, all your hard work spent writing your profile and sending out emails will be for naught. In this article I am going to teach you five important tips for constructing the perfect online dating photo gallery.


Tell a visual story

In the written profile, you are supposed to communicate your hobbies, interests, and passions through the written word. The photo gallery should be no different. Since men are so visual, the goal is to tell a story through your pictures the same way you would in the written portion of your profile. Each picture should reflect a different aspect of your personality or highlight a different aspect of your life, all adding up to one complete picture of who you are, where you’ve been, and what you are passionate about.


Look your best in EVERY picture

I always like to tell women, in the eyes of a man, you are only as good as your worst picture. You may look attractive in five out of six pictures, but if that sixth picture is unattractive to a man, you may just lose him at the last second. Remember, its not about what your friends would find cute. Its about what MEN find cute.


Show you are feminine without over-sexualizing yourself

If you present pictures that are extremely revealing, men will only go after you for a one night stand. At the same time, men want to pursue are woman that they could picture being intimate with. The goal is to show just enough, but not too much. Sexy, but classy, is a combination quality men can’t resist. Great photos for these types of pictures can often be found from formal events or nights out with friends where you and the ladies get a bit dressed up.


You get what you ask for

You may want a quality guy who isn’t just trying to get you into bed, but what signals are the pictures in your profile sending? If you don’t want a man who is just after you for sex, don’t take pictures bending over in front of a web camera with your chest hanging out. In the online world, what you present contributes largely to the type of attention you receive.


Learn how to highlight your best assets

Maybe it’s your eyes. Maybe it’s your smile. You don’t have to have the looks of a model, but you do need to know how to highlight your most attractive features. Even if it’s a body part, there are still classy ways to reveal these attributes, such as that form fitting dress you wore to you friends wedding.



Men are instantly drawn to positive energy. A profile picture in which you are smiling will help to draw a man in and want to be part of your positive vibes. And if you have a nice smile to boot, that doesn’t hurt either!



Joshua Pompey has been helping women to find success at online dating at a success rate of over 99% since 2009. For some free online dating profile examples, read this free profile writing advice now, or click here to learn how you could have the perfect profile made today.

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