This is a guest post by online dating and relationship expert Joshua Pompey.

So you have finally managed to land a first date that you are actually excited about. You replay over and over all the great conversations that have been held to this point. You begin to think about the potential upside the future may bring. All is looking good in the world.

Not so fast. Everything may have seemingly went perfect prior to the first meeting, however, first dates are notorious for making or breaking a person, as this is where the real chemistry is often determined.

Well the truth is, as much as our personalities play a huge role in how well the date may go, the initial impressions we make through our appearance are just as critical. The second we show up to our dates, women are going to be making both conscious and unconscious decisions on whether or not they want to be with us based on the way we look. So let’s make sure that we avoid sending the wrong signals to women at all costs. Here are a few tips that will help us get our appearances where they need to be:

1. Take the time to iron your clothes.

Showing up in an outfit that is full of wrinkles, or looks like it was pulled out of a hamper, doesn’t just make you look sloppy, which is bad enough in itself. It sends larger signals about what type of guy you are in life. Words such as lazy, clueless, and un-motivated will pop into a woman’s mind, as she will begin to wonder, if he can’t even make the effort to put an outfit together neatly, what type of effort will he put into a relationship one day?

2. Dress for the occasion.

Your clothes should be appropriate for the date that you are going on. If you are going to a nice restaurant, sure, wearing a collared button down makes sense. On the other hand, wearing a collared shirt to a walk in the park, a concert, or an amusement park, doesn’t exactly make sense. Figure out what style the date calls for, and then adjust your wardrobe accordingly.

3. Groom yourself properly.

Women pay attention to details. You may not notice or care about a little bit of dirt under your fingers, or some chewed down finger nails, but women will. How well you groom yourself isn’t just about physical attraction, it is once again another reflection on how well you take care of yourself, and more importantly, an indicator of how well you will be able to take care of others one day.

4. Keep the facial hair reasonable.

Most women do not have a problem with facial hair. But there is a line that most women will draw with it. A little bit of stubble, or a well-trimmed beard can be a sexy look. An out of control beard that is all over the place is not. And for those of you who prefer the five o’clock shadow, be sure to shave from the jaw line down to keep a clean and attractive appearance.

5. Don’t forget about the shoes.

Let’s be real. Most men out there couldn’t care less about shoes. But have you ever seen a woman in a shoe department? It’s like holding a giant piece of red meat in front of an angry lion. Women love shoes and will notice the ones on your feet. This doesn’t mean you have to wear designer shoes that cost hundreds of dollars. It just means that you should put the same effort into making sure your shoes are as clean and stylish as the rest of your outfit!

Well there you have it. Five tips to help ensure that you don’t destroy your chances with a poor first appearance. So get that perfect look together, and good luck!


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