I joined Jordan on this Fan Mail Friday episode of Art of Charm, where we answer listener questions and provide insight into what’s on your mind. In this episode:

  • Dating when you’ve been diagnosed with herpes can be tough. When is the time right to tell prospective partners? Too early, and you may be seen as presumptuous. But if you wait until things start getting serious, they may be angry you didn’t tell them sooner. How do you make the call?
  • A listener from Jordan’s appearance on the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast writes in to ask for an alternative to the “just be yourself” advice usually given to someone who wants to approach an attractive stranger.
  • If you’re used to being a pushover, what do you do when your so-called friends resist the boundaries you’re trying to set (as discussed with Kimberly Seltzer in episode 499)?
  • Sometimes love is unrequited for good reason. But what do you do when “the one who got away” briefly returns the sentiment only to go right back to their abusive spouse? Are you right to feel like the perpetual second choice?
  • A stunning superhero asks: “Is it possible to be too attractive?”





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