Cautious Cathy or Carlos

Flirting is very hard for you! You use a relatively cautious approach to courtship. As such, you tend to avoid behaviors that could potentially be construed by others as inappropriate, aggressive, or desperate. There may be a little fear in showing people this side of you until you get to know them better and you feel safe. You tend to be polite, reserved and a bit serious. Your conversations also might be a bit boring, dry and factual. Many introverts fall into this category and are slow to warm up in the first impression stage.


People have no idea you are flirting with them and usually don’t get the indication that you are interested in them. Often both parties end up “not feeling the chemistry” because there is no sexual tension created and people might even feel intimidated by you. Dates usually don’t progress or you don’t get asked out.

Improving Your Flirt Style

Try using more playfulness, openness and physical touch in your interactions to indicate interest. Be aware of the tension in your body and try to relax. Push yourself to get out of your head and more into a fun state. Instead of having surface related conversations, try sharing stories that are more personal and emotional in nature. Practice being more lighthearted and fun when first meeting someone.

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