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Meet John. John is a recently divorced client who flew me out to Denver to clean out his closet and get some clarity in his life. He just lost weight and told me that he needed help getting his closet in order and needed to update his new wardrobe.

It was riddled with oversized Hawaiian shirts, pleated pants and baggy jeans.

After trying on all of his clothes and challenging him on reasons he was hanging on to some pieces, he was able to see how most of his clothes were outdated, too big and not a flattering style. We lovingly said goodbye to the past so we could make room for the new.

And then we went shopping.


John is a new man. He learned what cut and colors looked good on his new body, what style fit his lifestyle and personality and what clothes women find attractive.

I still receive letters of gratitude and excitement today about how this transformation changed his life:

“I’ve gotten so many comments from friends about my updated look. Each day I feel I look better… I feel younger and great.”

John also says that not only did he gain confidence, but also gained clarity in his relationships. By getting rid of the past, he was able to make room for the future.


Most of us are secret clothes hoarders yet we all have stood in front of the stuffed closet and complain that we have nothing to wear. If you really think about it, most of the stuff in our wardrobe we don’t wear. In fact, according to several studies, we only wear about 20% of what we have. That is an awful lot of useless clothes taking up valuable space in our closet and in our minds.

We hang on to pieces for many different emotional, psychological and practical reasons. So if you find yourself stuck in your life, try clearing out your closet and make room for new energy. For more quick easy tips how to transform your closet, check out this blog post.

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