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I wanted to take the time to and give a little attention to my MEN out there! The truth of the matter is, I work with just as many men as I do women…I give them manovers! After working and interviewing thousands of women, the number one thing that makes a women’s head turn is a man who looks put together. A man’s fashion sense and style says a lot about who he is and tells a story about who he is in the world. When it comes to women, this is extremely important. If a man approaches a woman, she will be looking at 2 things: his attire and his attitude. A woman will make judgments and assumptions just based on these two variables and will then decide whether or not she is interested. She wants to see a man who is overall put together and dressed well. Women are attracted to men who seem to care about their appearance as it translates to how they might be in their lives. Moreover, when I man is wearing something he feels confident in, he’ll carry himself differently. If you watched the video above, you see my male client who did a total transformation and has gotten amazing results because of it. Here is a before and after picture of Frank:

Frank - BeforeFrank - After

The secret ingredient in attracting anyone in your life is feeling good about yourself and owning what you got. So if a man is wearing something he feels self-assured in, he is going to come across as a confident, alpha man that we women like. “Confidence clothing” as I like to call it are:

When you try them on and you don’t want to take them off
You think these are really YOU and they express your personality
Clothes that fit you well in an appropriate comfortable way
Are comfortable, not too tight, not too hot or too cold, and feel good next to your skin
Finally, don’t forget the importance of good hygiene and grooming! Make sure your facial hair is neatly groomed, your hair is styled, your nails are short and your skin looks nice. Oh, and it helps if you smell good too… just don’t pour the bottle of cologne on to where we are suffocating! Read this blog post for more ideas on how to put together outfits for men.

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