As a dating coach for many years, I’ve found that most of the men I meet simply don’t know how to flirt with women! They’re confident as heck in the boardroom or at the office, but for whatever reason they totally choke when it’s time to flirt with a pretty woman at the bar. Luckily, flirting is a skill you can easily learn, even if it doesn’t come naturally to you. To get started becoming a better flirt, follow these three steps:

#1. Be present and in the moment.

Women can smell a pickup line from a mile away, so steer clear of cheesy one-liners and just be yourself! Approach her and say, “Hello, how are you?” Or, observe what she’s doing and ask her about it. For example, if she has a bright blue cocktail in her hand, ask her what she’s drinking. You’ll capture her attention just by being authentic in the moment, and she’ll appreciate your sincerity.

#2. Don’t forget your sense of humor!

Humor is a wonderful way to engage women because they love to laugh! But just remember to use your sense of humor in moderation. Don’t tell joke after joke like you’re a stand-up comedian on stage, because that will turn her off. Instead, impress her with your quick wit by telling a funny story that will make her laugh. Then, give her space to share a story of her own. The secret is to make it a conversation, not a performance.

#3. Compliment her.

Women love to be complimented, but it’s all about balance. Focus on giving her one or two authentic compliments during your conversation – max. Any more and she’ll question your sincerity. A compliment is most authentic when it relates to something she’s shared with you. For example, if she tells you a story about how fulfilled she feels by her job as a pediatrician, you could say something like, “Your passion for your career is so inspiring. I can tell you really love what you do.” A simple compliment like that will make her feel good and show that you’re really listening.

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