You are in a room full of available and eligible men and they all seem to be talking with other women. You sit in a corner of the room with your arms folded talking to your other depressed girlfriends, wearing a frown on your face and ask yourself, “Why don’t guys ever approach me?”

This is a common scenario that I hear my clients complain about and then go on to hypothesize that there are no decent men out there. The fact of the matter is each sex has a responsibility when it comes to approachability and attraction.

Ladies, there ARE amazing men out therebut we have to give the signals that we are open to being approached and “drop the handkerchief” so that the men will come pick it up! The good news is most guys are constantly looking to women to give them the “come talk to me” vibebecause they’re terrified of rejection!

You metaphorically have to throw them a bone and then practically hit them on the head with it so that they know they have permission to talk with you. Keeping that in mind, your overall goal here is to use your feminine body language to show him that you’ll say yes if he asks you out. Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it sounds.


Here are some simple tricks that will attract him even before he says hello:

Smile at everyone around you.

Invite people into your world. Notice I say smile at everyone, not just at the guy you’re interested in. This is because smiling radiates positive energy, and can cause powerful things to happen. For example, let’s say you give a warm smile to the older lady standing behind you in line at the grocery store. That hot guy a few feet away in the produce section might notice, get the impression that you’re a friendly person, and come talk to you. See how that works?


Use your eyes to turn him on.

Eye contact is POWERFUL because it shows you’re interested, engaged and connected with the world around you. If you really want to show him you like him,hold his gaze for a few seconds, look away and then look back for another few seconds. That will definitely show him you are interested.


Use your walk to reel him in.

We live in a fast-paced society in which we’re constantly looking at our iPhones, checking our email, and thinking about a zillion different things as we rush from place to place. Unfortunately, this is not appealing at all! Slow your walk way down and get into a sultry, sexy mood – even if you’re just heading down the street to grab a latte.

And if you really want to make him melt, throw on a pair of heels! Next time you are at a party try this tactic: Pause as you walk in a room and lazily scan for someone, walk slowly, sexily, and notice who and what is around you. There’s a reason they do those slow motion, wind blowing through the hair scenes in commercials. It draws attention.


Show enthusiasm and be playful.

Demonstrate to him that you are excited to be in his presence by your facial expressions, and show variance in your tonality when speaking. Be fun, tease and laugh. Remember when you liked a boy in the 4th grade? Girls tease, poke fun and giggle.

A man loves a woman who is positive, upbeat and playful. Combine that with your flirtysex appeal and he will be there.


Be mindful of your body position.

Position your body to be open and available, even when talking to your girlfriends. Once he approaches and starts a conversation, don’t stand directly in front of him with ten feet of space between you. Instead, position yourself so that you’re nearly touching him, and angle your body inward so that he feels close to you.


Engage in preening gestures.

Draw attention to your neck, shoulders and wrists in order to attract male attention.Gestures like shrugging the shoulders, twirling your hair, flashing the inside of your wrists and massaging your own neck are all subtle invitations for a man to get closer to you.Women can engage in these alluring motions to subconsciously entice men.

Being open for a man to come talk to you is half the battle. Take down your armor, let go of your tunnel vision and notice men all around you. Soon you’ll be having fun playing in the playground with the boys and they will in turn approach you.





This article originally published on Digital Romance.

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