Girl in cafeSo you spot a guy you’re attracted to at the coffee shop or grocery store, and you’re wondering how to show him you like him so he comes over and asks you out. The good news is, guys are constantly looking to women to give them the “come talk to me” vibe because they’re terrified of rejection! Keeping that in mind, your overall goal here is to use your feminine body language to show him that you’ll say yes if he asks you out. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds. Here’s how it works:

1. Smile at everyone.

Notice I say smile at everyone, not just at the guy you’re interested in. This is because smiling radiates positive every and can cause powerful things to happen. For example, let’s say you give a warm smile to the older lady standing behind you in line at the grocery store. That hot guy a few feet away in the produce section might see, get the impression that you’re a friendly person, and come talk to you. See how that works?

2. Use your eyes to turn him on.

Eye contact is POWERFUL because it shows you’re interested, engaged, and connected with the world around you. If you really want to show him you like him, hold his gaze for a few seconds, look away, and then look back for another few seconds.

3. Show him you like him with the power of touch.

Touch is an amazing way to engage and connect with a guy you’re interested in. If possible, sit next to him so your knees graze his, or lightly touch him on the arm as you laugh at something funny he just said.

4. Use your walk to reel him in

We live in a fast-paced society in which we’re constantly looking at our iPhones, checking our email, and thinking about a zillion different things as we rush from place to place. Unfortunately, this is not sexy at all! Slow your walk way down and get into a sultry, sexy mood – even if you’re just headed down the street to grab a latte. And if you really want to make him melt, throw on a pair of heels!

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