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Living here in L.A., jeans are king. We wear them everywhere – from work, to drinks, to the flea market, to a day at the playground with our kids. And even if you don’t live here in L.A., chances are good that jeans a staple in your city too, so it’s important that you know how to find a pair that fits, flatters and slims your body.

In order to do this, you have to know your body type. If you need help figuring it out, enter your name and email address into the field above to get my free Body Analysis Guide. Once you know your shape, read our Jeans Guide below to discover which styles, cuts and brands will look best on you.

If you’re a triangle…

If your hops are wider than your shoulders, and you tend to carry weight in your butt and thighs, you’re a triangle. When you shop for jeans, always head for the bootcut section, because this cut will balance out your hips and make your thighs appear smaller. You want to avoid skinny and straight legged jeans at all costs because they’ll draw attention to your hips and make them look bigger than they are. Also, choose a pair of jeans in a dark wash for an overall slimming effect. If your butt is on the larger side and you want to minimize that area, look for jeans with plain, unadorned pockets that are slightly larger, because they’ll make your butt look smaller by comparison. A great brand and style option for your shape is Joe’s Jeans Honey Bootcut.

If you’re a rectangle…

If your body is straight up and down with minimal curves, you can wear skinny and straight legged jeans in a variety of washes – light or dark. Even a white jean looks great on you because it creates curves in all the right places, especially if you’re really thin. A great brand option for your shape is Paige Premium Denim.

If you’re an inverted triangle…

If your shoulders are broader than your hips, you can also wear skinny and straight legged jeans because they’ll add a curve to your hips and balance out your shoulders. If you have a small butt and you want to make it appear larger, choose a pair of jeans with smaller pockets and some detailing, both of which will create more of a behind. A great brand option for your shape is AG Premium Denim.

A final note…

No matter what your body type, your goal is to find jeans that make you look amazing, and feel even better. When in doubt, go for a classic pair of dark bootcut jeans, because they look good on everyone.

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