Personal Style - Level 3

With answers mostly in this column, it is safe to say that you probably feel a bit unsure of what you should being doing with your life and how best to spend your time. You mostly function from your adapted personality rather from your true self and still experience insecurities about your choice of style and worry about how you are being perceived in social situations. It’s likely that while you are aware of your adapted personality and while you know that you have the power to change things, you also fear the unknown, and all that it may bring in terms of responsibilities, risks and possible rejections.

This is a good time to start ridding your life of misconceptions which may be stopping you from seeing where you are and where your life is heading. In order to live an authentic and confident life in which you are happy, fulfilled and excited about things to come you must look for ways in which you can become more true to yourself instead of worrying what others will think of you.

You would benefit greatly in having support to keep you accountable, motivated and sustain change to create new habits.

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