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Dressing like a professional doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or stop looking like you. It’s more about up leveling your wardrobe to enhance the real you so people give you a chance, rather than make inaccurate and unfair assumptions based on what you’re wearing.


To get started, here are my three favorite tips on how to look professional, stylish, and like YOU:




Step #1: Start with a professional look based on what your colleagues and clients wear.

Your first step is to create a general professional look based on what your colleagues and clients wear. For example, if all of the women at your networking events are wearing Chanel suits, you need to show up wearing a Chanel suit as well. Half the battle of attracting those high-level clients is showing them that you can play on their level, and that begins with the clothes you’re wearing.


Step #2: Find stylish items that you LOVE.

Once you have your professional look figured out, start flipping through magazines to get inspired by stylish items. Circle the things you’d LOVE to wear but worry you can’t pull off, such as a beautiful scarf, a silk teal camisole, or a pair of leopard pumps. Always be on the lookout for items that inspire and make you feel good, because these are the pieces that will make your professional style feel like you.


Step #3: Blend your professional look with your stylish items!

Now it’s time for the fun part: putting it all together! Starting with your professional foundation, like a beautiful black sheath dress, add your stylish items one by one. For example, if you’re headed out to a business dinner, you might want to add those leopard print pumps and a statement necklace from your trip to India. All of a sudden you’ve turned a professional but boring dress into a stylish and intriguing look that makes others take notice.


A final note…

I know that figuring out how to look professional and stylish on your own can be difficult, so please feel free to contact me for help branding your business personality, and selecting professional and stylish clothes to match.

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