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Kimmy's Love Hub

Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, or just plain disappointed in the modern dating cycle?

It's Time to Discover Intentional Dating with
Clarity & Sexy Confidence

Whether you're a dating newbie or feeling rusty in the dating scene, join this tailored 6-month CO-ED virtual coaching program and turn your dating journey into one of fun and meaningful connections that lead to healthier relationships.

Do Any of These Situations

Feel Familiar?

  • You find dating confusing, overwhelming, and exhausting… and you often feel lost amongst all the new “rules” and “shoulds” and dating norms. In fact, you’d rather skip all of the dating BS and get right to the “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” status.

    It's time to learn how to make dating FUN and to build a dating strategy so you can meet the kind of men and women you want.
  • On dates, you end up worrying about if people have the right qualities you are looking for and analyze things to death vs. getting out of your head and being in the moment. 

    It's time to relax, be more present and learn to be more playful.
  • You often end up in dull conversations that feel like interviews and crave more meaningful interactions. 

    Imagine having engaging and exciting exchanges that create chemistry and attraction.
  • The modern dating scene leaves you exhausted and confused on where to meet great men and women.

    It's time to intentionally attract potential dates with an action plan.
  • You are a high achiever and tend to be successful in every part of your life except for love. 

    Imagine dating being effortless where you find dating easy and fun.
  • You tend to be a people pleaser and have a hard time expressing your needs so you end up attracting “takers” and people who don’t appreciate you. 

    It's time to stop hiding, find your voice and attract partners who appreciate and embrace the real you.
  • You play it safe and often fall into the friend zone.

    It’s definitely time to FLIRT without feeling awkward, weird, or being “too much.”
Being a good dater...
isn’t something you are born with or comes naturally.

Dating is...
a set of skills that can be taught and learned.

That’s why, with Kimmy's Love Hub, overcoming these challenges is not just a possibility; it's a promise.

Explore What's Inside Kimmy's Love Hub

Live Virtual Workshops

  • Interactive live sessions to help build your dating skills.
  • Learn the essential skills of dating with topics like mastering first impressions, embodying authentic dating, flirting made easy, conversation tricks and more!

Virtual Speed Dating

  • A fun way to meet new people and get feedback on your dating approach from the opposite sex.

Private Coaching with Kimmy

  • Personalized strategy session to address your individual dating challenges.
  • This valuable session is included in your program.

VIP Room for Private Coaching

  • LIVE monthly small group coaching sessions and activities with Kimmy
  • Private CO-ED Zoom room with other community members.

Weekly Success Calls + Private Community

  • Weekly check-ins with Kimmy's team to keep you on track, accountable and build momentum!
  • A supportive online community of fellow daters to share, support and learn from each other’s experiences.

Triple D Challenges

(Dating Doubles as Development!):

  • Weekly challenges to improve your date experiences that provide accountability and support.
  • Learn essential dating skills that you will practice in repetition to improve your dating life and get results.

Navigate Your Dating Journey with Confidence & Mastery:

Unlock Your Path to Intentional & Meaningful Connections

Join the 6-month program with Kimmy's Love Hub to learn the strategies that have helped many people improve their dating life and build meaningful connections.

Investment: $1997 pay in full or 3 payments of $800

Dedication. Development. Date Confidently.

Envision this as your greenhouse for dating skills, where we provide the perfect conditions to nourish and grow your confidence and capabilities.

Every tool, session, and challenge is designed to ensure that with every passing day, you evolve into the best version of your dating self.

Join us in this unique journey and make every date your best date. See for yourself the transformative power of expert coaching and a supportive community.

Are you ready to step into the world of

 Intentional Dating

Join the 6-month program with Kimmy's Love Hub to learn the strategies that have helped many people improve their dating life and build meaningful connections.

Investment: $1997 pay in full or 3 payments of $800