Have you ever seen that woman who definitely doesn’t have the “perfect” Victoria Secret-type body, but is so confident that it doesn’t matter?

When you are truly confident with your body and all its flaws, you radiate in a way that simply draws other people to you. That kind of inner confidence can’t be faked, and in order to get it you need to learn how to love your body exactly how it is today – flaws and all.

Because of my background as a therapist, when it comes to body image I first and foremost look at how my client’s past may be shaping her present and future. For example, maybe as a girl you learned that it’s impolite to admit that you LOVE your butt, because that would mean you were stuck up. Or maybe you were ridiculed because of a certain body part that developed early and you became self-conscious of it.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the negative messages you learned back then is negatively influencing how you feel about yourself today, and that’s not at all helpful or valid. To counteract those old beliefs, I encourage you to use the following super easy 3 commandments to start loving your body and feeling sexy and confident in your own skin.

Love Thy Body.
Loving a physical attribute of your body is something I teach clients to own in order to increase their confidence. Most women focus on what they don’t like rather than what they DO like. Once you know what you love about your body, you’ll know how to showcase it. Stand in front of the mirror and focus on only the things that you like about your appearance. For example, maybe you love the curve of your back or your almond-shaped eyes. Or perhaps you love your strong, shapely calves or toned arms. Write down what you love about your appearance on a piece of paper and review that list whenever you don’t feel beautiful. Finally, one of the best things you can do to feel more body confident is understanding the type of body you have and how to best enhance it. If you don’t yet know what your body type is or how to dress for your particular figure and accentuate your assets download my free eBook now for a full guide.

Love Thy Hair.
A woman’s hair is her centerpiece. It’s one of the first things that gets noticed and the first thing a woman focuses on when getting ready to go out. Let’s face it, when you have a good hair day you usually have a good day in general. I encourage all women to treat themselves to a blow dry, especially if you have a special occasion such as a date or event. For all of you LA women, I have to share the ultimate hair experience at my favorite hybrid salon, Sechoir in Santa Monica. I originally went there because I had a speaking engagement out of town so I was going to be on an airplane all morning and my hair needed to last and look good into the evening. I truly felt like a princess as I was pampered with complimentary tea, use of a personal iPad loaded with music and a hand massage. The end result was beyond my expectations because not only did my hair stay through the night but it lasted 3 days! Women indulge yourself by letting someone else treat YOU for a change with a lavish blow dry and feel great about your hair.

Love Thy Skin.
Keeping your skin healthy through good hygiene is extremely important for a radiant, confident and successful look. Keep your skin clean, exfoliated and clear by having a regular regiment that will help you sustain a youthful glow. Resist temptations to touch your face, know your skin type and use products that work for you not against you. Skin care specialists recommend cleansing your skin, using toner and moisturize your face twice a day to remove dirt and restore your skin’s natural pH level. I like using natural products due to my sensitive skin. My new obsession for a natural retinol alternative night cream is Eminence’s Organic Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer. It is so soothing and really soaks into the skin giving me a dewy glow in the morning. Another trick to making your skin radiate is learning what colors flatter your skin tone. When you wear colors that flatter your skin tone you look AND feel better. I recommend holding up a few different colored tops and asking friends and associates for their opinion. The colors that people positively and enthusiastically react to are YOUR colors. Once you have a list of the colors that look amazing on you stick with them!

You’re already stunning just the way you are… you just have to believe it. No matter what your weight, size, height or shape, learn to accentuate your beautiful assets and love thyself and all the gorgeous parts of you. You’ll be amazed at how your confidence will skyrocket!

This article was originally published on World Lifestyle.

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