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How Marketing Yourself Attracts Love

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I wanted to thank you for the advice you gave and I decided to speak up about how I felt and what I want with my new boyfriend...and it is going well! 


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I did something I never thought I would do
in a thousand years: a photo shoot.

I saw myself like never before. It was really an eye opener.
The clothes we bought made me look a lot better
and gave me more confidence in myself. 
If you're having challenges finding the right person, improving your dating situation, or just having more confidence in yourself; I highly recommend Kimberly.


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As for me and my man, we are still good. 3 years  and... We got engaged!!! Chalk me up as another testament to your ways of working.


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I continue to grow and evolve. I can remember vividly during our intensive you mirroring me in conversation. What an aha moment! It has lead me to a much deeper connection and has expanded my world exponentially....much appreciated! I have numerous friendships with women now and am learning how to be present with them.  And I now have someone special in my life!  Keep being the inspiring woman that you are. I have so enjoyed your company and guidance!


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It’s official - I am engaged to be married! Thank you for all your help a few years ago as I was working through how to improve my dating process. Working on myself, working on clarifying what I really wanted, and working on effective ways to communicate all made the difference in attracting and finding the love of my life. I was ready and open for him to find me and vice versa. The work you and I have done together has really made this possible.  You really have helped me open up and draw in the kind of man and relationship that I truly want.

TRACY, Laguna Niguel CA

Dating and
Love Transformations

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Kim, you were a gift in my life and I would not be where I am had I not worked with you -- thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Marriage is going strong, we are still "dating" and I'm just loving being coupled up.

KATRINA, San Francisco CA

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Working with Kim was really working on my confidence and the way she did that was beautiful.  In the beginning I thought it was my “picker” but I soon realized that it wasn’t about the women…it was all about me.  If I hadn’t embraced who I was and continued to hide who I was, I never would have met the woman I love today.  Thank you Kim!

VINCE, Kansas City MO

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I just wanted to thank you for all the advice through our work together!  Thanks for all the help you have given me the last few years!  My confidence has grown exponentially and I know I deserve better in my work life as well as my love life!  I know all the work has led me to find a terrific guy. He is the sweetest, most thoughtful, romantic person I’ve ever been with!  I feel so happy when I am with him!  And he tells me how happy he is all the time!  We really are a great fit and we make each other laugh!  I’m doing really well in the love department and very happy!

jane, buffalo ny

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I have been dating my girlfriend for almost a year now and have started to think about marriage.  She is awesome and the pacing was very good at the start of the relationship. It was different from my other relationships. Thanks again for all of your help Kim!  Here is the result of our work together!

stephen, san francisco ca

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