Happy coupleAs a dating coach and image consultant, I often watch as my male clients put a ton of effort into looking sexy for their first date with a new woman, and then slowly put in less and less effort as time goes on and they get to know her better. This is a HUGE mistake! If you want to keep her interested in you for the long haul, you have to put as much effort into your appearance on the tenth date as you did on the first. To avoid turning her off with a sloppy look, consult the following three outfit ideas for men before your next date to make sure you look sexy, successful, and put-together for the special lady in your life:

Rule #1: Always be well groomed.

If your hair has grown in a little and looks messy, get a haircut before you pick her up! If your nose hairs are coming in, trim them! If your nails are long and ragged, file them! Women pay attention to the tiniest things about a man’s appearance, so always make sure you look taken care of. A simple checklist before heading out the door: shower, nails, breath, and scent.

Rule #2: Look put-together.

After interviewing hundreds of women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, I’ve found one universal thing to be true. Women are most attracted to a man when he looks put-together and successful. That means even if you’re going out on a casual date to brunch, you can’t look sloppy if you want her to stick around. Impress her by looking casually stylish with a pair of fitted shorts (no pleats, please!), a nice cotton shirt, and clean shoes.

Rule #3: Dress just for her.

When you’re getting ready for your date, think about what she likes you to wear. For example, if on your first date she commented on how your blue shirt brought out your eyes, wear that shade of blue again. If she complimented you on your jeans, wear a similar style for your next date. Wearing clothes that she likes tells her that you care about her opinion and genuinely want to make her happy.

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