Sincere Sally or Sam

You focus on creating an emotional bond with your potential romantic partners. As such, they tend to develop intimacy early on in relationships, by eliciting self-disclosure, providing social support, and showing personal interest, generally in a romantic (but not necessarily sexual) manner.


Sometimes you get sucked into the vortex of relationships where it might go too fast and you lose yourself in the process. Your magnet is creating emotional depth and safety but sometimes you might not share enough of yourself or not show enough of your sexual side. There may be a tendency to fall into the friendzone with this style.

Improving Your Flirt Style

You could use a little dose of playfulness and being more lighthearted. By doing this, you will create a sense of fun and a little more mystery which will help you with pacing in a relationship. And you definitely need to turn up the flirt dial with some nonverbal sexual signals to spice it up a bit so that your potential partner sees your sensual and sexual side.

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