Could your forgettable style be blocking your pathway to love?

Uncover The First Impression Makeover
Secrets That Have Helped Thousands Feel Confident, Attractive, and Ready For Love After 40

Boost your confidence and attract love, no matter how rusty or invisible you feel. It's never too late to rediscover your sexy, confident self.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You feel completely out of practice with flirting and dating. What if you could master natural, playful flirting tailored to you?

  • Your wardrobe is dull and forgettable. Imagine crafting a style that makes you feel confident and reflects the real you.
  • You struggle to put yourself out there and make the first move. What if you knew how to confidently initiate conversations and connections?
  • You worry about looking older and feel invisible. Picture walking into a room and turning heads with your vibrant energy.
  • You lack confidence in your appearance and style. Envision feeling sexy, attractive, and completely comfortable in your own skin.
  • You want to attract partners you're truly excited about. Imagine having the skills to draw in potential matches you click with.
  • Or you are finally ready to break the painful cycle of lackluster dating so you can actually have fun flirting, connecting, and getting to know new people!

You're in the right place! This can be a thing of the past...

Kimmy Seltzer, the sought-after coach and speaker featured in The Huffington Post, Oprah Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

It's time for you to...

Reignite Your Magnetism:

Uncover the Secrets to Confident, Vibrant Style & Presence After 40

Join me in my upcoming CO-ED and INTERACTIVE workshop to discover the exact strategies that my most successful clients have used to transform their image, boost their confidence, and attract partners they truly desire.

TUESDAY, april 23rd AT 4:00 PM PT

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I Know Dating After 40 Can Feel Intimidating

But it doesn't have to be that way...

Dear Soon-To-Be Confident Dater,

As a dating coach who has worked with thousands of singles over 40, I know the obstacles you face all too well.

Whether it's feeling rusty and out of practice or worrying you've lost your mojo, dating at this stage can feel daunting.

But you absolutely deserve to find fulfillment, passion, and companionship. And I want to help you make that happen!

I've carefully designed my upcoming interactive workshop to provide you with the mindset, skills, and style solutions to rediscover your vibrant, confident dating self after 40.

In just 60 minutes, you'll gain actionable tips to craft a style that reflects the real you, communicate through positive body language, make memorable first impressions, and flirt effectively.

My proven strategies have helped countless singles just like you boost their confidence, put themselves out there, and attract partners they genuinely connect with.

Now I want to help you reignite your magnetism, tap into your sexy vibes, and create the fun, romantic connections you desire at this stage of life.

Join me for this transformative workshop
and take the first step toward the fulfilling dating life you deserve.

Let's do this!


Don't let another lackluster date slip by. Take control of your dating life and learn the secrets to radiant style and confident presence after 40.
Join the LIVE workshop...

Style Reignited!

Unleashing Your Vibrant, Magnetic Self

If you’re stuck in the loop of feeling invisible, having no mojo, and thinking your prime is behind you, then you need to join this interactive workshop!

TUESDAY, april 23rd AT 4:00 PM PT

Join me for this LIVE interactive workshop

You'll learn how to feel confident, stylish,
and ready to attract the right people after 40.

Let Kimmy Seltzer be your guide as she shares practical style tips and tools to start feeling vibrant, visible, and excited about dating again.

Rediscover Your Radiance...

In this interactive co-ed workshop, you'll learn:

  • How to craft a style that reflects the real, sexy you.
  • Secrets to dressing, grooming, and moving in an authentic, compelling way.
  • How to use body language to send positive signals.
  • Tools to make dating exciting and fun again.
  • How to overcome past hurdles and reframe negative thoughts.
  • How to embody self-assurance and move in a charismatic way.
  • How to get hands-on practice and feedback to build your confidence.

Join me and reignite your mojo with style, presence, and ease!

transform your dating life today

Get insider secrets on how to step into your confident, vibrant self, create unforgettable first impressions, and actually enjoy dating after 40!

(Exclusive tips I normally only share with my private clients)

Sign up for the co-ed and interactive workshop now!

TUESDAY, april 23rd AT 4:00 PM PT

But hurry! Registration closes soon!

At this point, you’re probably wondering…


How do you choose what to focus on in a dating partner?


How do you know how to relax before, during, and after a date?


How do you know it’s time to put yourself back out there?

These are the exact questions I’ll be answering LIVE during the CO-ED interactive workshop!





Because of this workshop, I feel a lot lighter about dating. It doesn’t need to be anything but FUN. I realized I had this seriousness about dating, and it was not fun, WHY!!? That just hit on a very deep level.


Kimmy has made me feel much more confident about myself and she brought out the attractiveness nature with myself. I feel much more sexier now and I finally feel like women are attracted to me! It is a great feeling!


Because of this workshop I have learned I can flirt and it doesn’t mean I have to marry the person. I can speak in a feelings way that connects me to the person, not just the facts.”.


My in box is full of “likes” and chats. I have good choices across what I think is my wheel house for the first time! None of the other money I spent paid off like the extreme value I got from you and your classes. Even ex’s are hitting me up. This would just be a train wreck without your help.


What People Are Saying

“If I’ve got Kimmy in my corner? Hell yeah, things are going to be alright!” Grace

“I started learning how a woman feels when I do certain things as a man.”  Marcus 

"I learned how to get my femininity back. That’s what I’ve been missing.”  Megan

“Kimmy has made me feel much more confident about myself and she brought out the sexy Sanch" Sanch

“My confidence has gone way up, my fear of flirting has gone way down!”  Rachel 

“Kimmy has made me feel much more confident about myself  and I finally feel like women are attracted to me! It is a great feeling!” Peter 

Are you ready to...?

Find a companion to enjoy the second half of your life with.

Build the belief that you are worthy of fun, flirting, and partnership.

Break past dating blocks and open themselves up to the possibility of enjoying dating.

Incorporate more than just “hope” as a strategy!

MEET YOUR  Workshop Host

I’m Kimmy Seltzer, your dating, love, and makeover expert!

With a vast of knowledge and experience as a therapist, certified style coach, dating coach, and matchmaker, I have helped people find lasting love and connection, attract success and build valuable relationships using my unique “confidence makeover” process and outside-in approach. I implement targeted style, emotional and social intelligence in people’s lives using her signature formula, “The Charisma Quotient,” working on body language, first impressions, image/wardrobe and flirting and how it impacts attraction. I've traveled the country helping people discover confidence, charisma and connection as a speaker at National Matchmaking Conferences, eHarmony, Neutrogena, The Guild at Universal, UCLA and iDate. I am also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post with appearances in Cosmopolitan, Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Reader’s Digest, AskMen, Fox News Magazine, Yahoo and the Washington Examiner, among a myriad of other publications. I have been the leading love expert on the traveling live dating show The Great Love Debate, a show on Amazon Live with SwayTv, Kimmy’s Love Hub and the cable reality series, The Romance. You can also listen to me on my podcast, The Charisma Quotient and regular Ask Kimmy segments on the Chaz and AJ Morning Show on 99.1 PLR and 95.9 The Fox.

I'm on a mission to show people how to conquer their fears so they can be seen, be valued, and be truly confident in dating, style, and life.

This is your time for flirting, fun and passion and I'm here to help you get there!

This co-ed and interactive workshop will dramatically boost your self-assurance, create irresistible presence, and have you feeling sexier and more excited about dating than you have in years.

TUESDAY, april 23rd AT 4:00 PM PT

But hurry! Registration closes soon!

DISCLAIMER: The results and stories shared in this training are not guaranteed. 
However, I’m going to show you the steps to reach your goals faster than you could on your own.

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