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Are you overwhelmed when trying to put together an outfit? Most of the time, wardrobe frustration and malfunction are related to not knowing your body and what looks good on it! In Kimmy’s Body Shape Guide for Women and Man’s Fashion Manifesto, she helps you determine what body type you have, what clothes flatter your figure and specific fashion tips for you.

My signature transformational dating, style, and presence programs are anything but cookie cutter… and are designed for high achievers who are done settling for less than having it all!

Style Transformations

Slide Kelly

I got hitched! Found a wonderful, kind-hearted guy... He is completely different from who I thought I'd wind up with (thanks to you) and yet we are perfectly suited for each other. So funny how that works. :) Thank you again for helping me get there.

Slide Betsy

I am always passing along all your wisdom 😊. I would have never given him the chance without our sweet coaching lessons. I love my red still and try to wear it as often as possible and think of you!

Slide Katrina

Kim, you were a gift in my life and I would not be where I am had I not worked with you -- thank you from the bottom of my heart. Marriage is going strong, we are still "dating" and I'm just loving being coupled up.

Slide Libby

I’m doing so great with my guy. Eternally grateful for you! You’re the best Kim!

Slide Kavita

I wanted to thank you for the advice you gave and I decided to speak up about how I felt and what I want with my new boyfriend…and it went well!

Slide Katherine

Thank you for all you have done for me. I am doing great and happily in a great relationship!

Slide Liz

As for me and my man, we are still good. 3 years and….. We got engaged !!! Chalk me up as another testament to your ways of working.