Woman by the poolA classic and flattering swimsuit is a key item in any well-rounded summer wardrobe, but finding the best swimsuit for your body type can be an exhausting and frustrating task if you head into the dressing room unprepared. To avoid disaster, get to know your body and which swimsuits enhance your assets before you even head to the store. That way you’ll know exactly which swimsuits to try on, and which ones to steer clear of.

If your hips and shoulders are the same width and your waist is well defined, you’re an hourglass.

Hourglass body types look great in all swimsuits, but bikinis especially play up your signature curves. If you’re an hourglass with a small bust, opt for a swimsuit with plenty of padding, ruffles, and embellishments up top to enhance your chest. If you have a larger bust and minimizing is your goal, look for a v-neck swimsuit with less detail up top.

If your butt, hips, and thighs are larger than the rest of your body, you’re a triangle.

Triangle body types look best in strapless or bandeau tops because they widen your shoulders so they’re balanced with your hips. When selecting which strapless top to try on, make sure you choose one that will enhance your bust area with padding, embellishments, and ruffles so the eye is naturally drawn upward, taking the focus away from your bottom half. If you’re self-conscious about your butt, ask the sales person to bring you a bottom with thin straps and a higher cut that won’t pinch at the hips.

If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you’re an inverted triangle.

The goal here is to narrow your shoulders so they’re balanced with your hips. You can accomplish this by choosing a v-neck swimsuit with straps to cut the shoulder line. You also want to widen the hip area, so go for a sexy hip hugger with lots of embellishments and details on the bottom.

If you tend to carry weight in your midsection, you’re a diamond.

A sexy one piece or a funky tankini are perfect for diamond shapes, or anyone with a little bit of a belly. When you’re in the store, look for a swimsuit with a belt or wrap effect around the stomach to conceal, slim, and give the illusion of sexy curves.

If your shoulders and hips are the same width and your waist isn’t super defined, you’re a rectangle

If you’re a rectangle, congratulations! You look great in bikinis, so play up your figure with fun patterns and colors that put you in a good mood. If you prefer to be more covered up, a one-piece with a belt or strategic color blocking around the waist will give you killer curves.

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