The Friend Zone Gal

Men tend to put you in the friend zone due to the lack of sexual attraction, bland or male-dominated conversations and your feelings of insecurity or low confidence. Conversations are mostly factual and you usually avoid things of personal nature.

Typical Characteristics

  • You feel "funny" or embarrassed about flirting and turning up the sexual energy around men.
  • Men usually want to be your friend and talk about other women with you.
  • You tend to give men "high fives," talk about sports and discuss what is happening in the stock market.
  • You are more comfortable dressing casual.
  • A typical outfit might be loose jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt.
  • You don't see the point to "dressing up" for a date by wearing something you normally don't, such as a dress or heels. In fact, a common thought for you is, "If a man doesn't like the way I look, then he's not for me."
  • You rarely get to that second date.

Your Secret Weapons

  • Ok you need to ramp up the sex appeal big time. Really pay attention to the sexual signals or lack thereof you are giving to the men. Flirting doesn't mean you have to be Marilyn Monroe. Tease, be light hearted, use sense of humor and share emotions, which is more about who you are.
  • Learn the mastery of flirting with your body and messages you give to men. Get sexy! Avoid getting placed in the friend zone by mastering the art of sexy conversation. Friends talk about the weather, sports, and politics, so steer clear of those topics. Instead, share things about yourself that reveal more of who you are as a woman. Also, don’t reveal your whole life story with a guy you’re interested in. Always leave him wanting more. Build mystery and excitement.

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