The Narcissist Magnet

People often tell you that you are nice, amazing, beautiful and seem to have everything going for you. Your greatest talent is being a caregiver and an excellent listener. The tendency here is to put others needs before yours and consequently don't demand self-respect. In fact, you mostly bend over backwards for the guy, accommodate his wishes and desires and offer advice. You rarely share your feelings and thoughts. Boundary setting is hard for you. Narcissists prey on women like you because you make them feel amazing and fill their ego.

Typical Characteristics

  • You tend to put others' needs before yours.
  • It makes you frustrated and angry that you do a lot for other people, but usually get nothing in return.
  • You have difficulties setting boundaries. Even though you may be busy, you'll drop what you are doing to accommodate someone else in need.
  • You tend to give away your personal value by doing too much, too soon, too fast.
  • You usually off er advice and are supportive when talking to a man. You tend to come across as the "therapist" or "mother" in your interactions with men.
  • Others see you as being really together and the type of person who can "do it all."

Your Secret Weapons

  • Allow someone to take care of YOU for a change and accept being able to receive. You are a caretaker through and through but be careful about putting others before you (which builds resentment and attracts the narcissist). Instead let your guard down a little and show all that you are.
  • Look for reciprocity in your interactions with men. Narcissists are really good at being charming and telling stories and sharing what is great about them. When meeting your dates, observe if they are just as interested in you and your stories. Is there reciprocity in the conversation or is it just one-sided? What are you doing to reinforce that dynamic? Be careful not to just sit and listen to it all. Instead, try talking about your interests, express your feelings and see if they listen or care.

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