Traditional Tracy or Tom

You attempt to behave within the boundaries of traditional gender roles. As such, you expect the man to be the active initiator in the courtship process, and the woman to play a more passive role.


The rigidity of your expectations of what a real “man” and “woman” may be might prevent you from attracting people or creating opportunities. You are more reactive than proactive in your approach to flirting and dating. For instance, if you are a woman and you expect the man to always come up to you but you are not approachable, you may misinterpret that he’s not “man” enough but the truth is you didn’t seem open. Conversely, if you are a man and you think women need to twirl their hair and always wink at you, you may miss an opportunity to create an interaction where some women just aren’t that obvious.

Improving Your Flirt Style

Try embracing the feminine and masculine side of you regardless of how the opposite sex initiates. Be more proactive by turning on the signals of interest and see how they react rather than waiting for them. You will definitely see a difference in the way that you are viewed as well and how your potential dates treat you.

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