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    • Review your Dating Strategy form to map out a Dating Plan.
    • Get direct feedback regarding your dating style and fears.
    • Discover strategies that will help you work through your personal dating challenges and fears.
    • Learn how to overcome past wounds to create a positive mindset around dating!
  • VIP Access to All Workshops at the interactive VIP experiential level. Directly following the hour presentation, get direct access and coaching with Kimmy in a small intimate group setting for an extra hour. You will be doing practice exercises and activities with the group. ($291 value):
    • The First Impression Makeover.
    • Flirting Made Easy!
    • Authentic Dating: Conquering Your Fears and Expressing Yourself.
  • Recordings of all Workshops (including previous Workshops if you're coming after they've completed)

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Because of this workshop, I feel a lot lighter about dating. It doesn’t need to be anything but FUN. I realized I had this seriousness about dating, and it was not fun, WHY!!? That just hit on a very deep level.


Kimmy has made me feel much more confident about myself and she brought out the attractiveness nature with myself. I feel much more sexier now and I finally feel like women are attracted to me! It is a great feeling!


Because of this workshop I have learned I can flirt and it doesn’t mean I have to marry the person. I can speak in a feelings way that connects me to the person, not just the facts.”.


My in box is full of “likes” and chats. I have good choices across what I think is my wheel house for the first time! None of the other money I spent paid off like the extreme value I got from you and your classes. Even ex’s are hitting me up. This would just be a train wreck without your help.

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