Couple HikingWhen you’ve just started seeing someone new, it can be super exciting to go on dates that aren’t your typical dinner and a movie. Watching your date hit the hiking trails or explore a mountain gives you the opportunity to get to know him or her more intimately, which is great for a budding relationship. Now, although hiking dates are tons of fun, getting ready for them can prove challenging. Before you hit the trails, check out my tips on putting together a hiking outfit that’s sexy, fun, and appropriate for the great outdoors:

If you’re a woman….

What to wear on a date to the hiking trails? The answer is simple: Lululemon! If you’re not a fan of that particular brand, any nicer quality gym clothes will do. Just look for something that hugs your curves and makes you feel confident.

Once you’ve got your outfit picked out, don’t forget about your hair and makeup! Do your hair in a fun ponytail or braid for a casually sexy look, and keep your makeup minimal. I recommend just a bit of tinted moisturizer, mascara, and a glossy pink lip.

If you’re a man…

Please, don’t just throw on the faded tee shirt and ripped shorts you wear to the gym every Saturday morning! This is still a date, so you want to make an effort to look good. Head to Lululemon or Nike and pick up a pair of dark, longer shorts, and a fitted shirt. Before you head out the door make sure your hair is neat, your breath is fresh, and your body is freshly scrubbed.

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  1. So helpful, thank you! Would also add a strong pair of boots (love Merrell) and a cute backpack if its a short trail hike which can hold a Swell water bottle when you need to hydrate.

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