Movie NightAlthough people typically dress down to go to the movies, keep in mind that it’s possible to wear casual clothes AND look stylish, confident, and sexy. To find out how, check out my top tips on what to wear on a movie date for men and women:

If you’re a woman…

A great staple for a movie date is a pair of sexy, fitted jeans that show off your body, paired with a cute top that shows just a tiny bit of cleavage. Depending on your height and the season, you could wear a pair of flats, boots, or wedges. Just don’t wear anything too fancy; you’re aiming to be comfortably sexy here. Also, since movie theaters typically get a little chilly, I recommend bringing along a jean jacket or light sweater just in case.

If you’re going to dinner and then a movie, you’ll have to get a little more creative. Wear a cute sundress with a pair of sandals or flats for dinner, and then throw on a jean jacket to dress your outfit down for the movie portion of the evening.

If you’re a man…

Although men have it a little easier in the getting ready department, there are still a lot of places where you can go wrong. For starters, you want your jeans to be fitted and dark – nothing acid washed or baggy! If you want to wear a tee shirt, choose one that’s fairly new, soft, and fitted. If you want to elevate your look a bit, wear a long-sleeved button down. But whatever you do – no football jerseys, please!

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