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In today’s topic, you’re going to find out the number one thing that both men and women find sexy. I’m lucky, because I get to work with both men AND women, and I’m constantly surveying them and asking them “What do you find sexy?” So, I’ve determined the number one thing that both men and women find sexy is… confidence. That’s right, confidence. I know it sounds simple, but it’s really being comfortable with who you are. Being solid. It’s a lot of things, like the way you talk, the way you walk. It’s your attitude. It’s exuding that positive energy into people, and that’s what people find attractive. I want to share a little story with you to this point. I was coaching a man, and we were in the field, we were in the farmers market. And there were a ton of women walking by, and I was asking him who he found sexy. The first woman walked by, and she was gorgeous. She had blonde hair, she was thin, but she was walking really stiffly, kind of twirling her hair and frowned. And I asked him, “Do you find her sexy?” And he said, “Well she’s pretty, but I wouldn’t say she’s sexy.” I said okay, fair enough. Then the second woman came by, about a minute later. She was a little shorter, and heavier set, but boy was she working it. I mean, she just looked so comfortable in her body. And she slowly walked by, looked him in his eye, and gave a smile. I said, “So do you think she’s sexy?” and he said, “Oh yeah!” So what was it? What was it about that second woman that he found so attractive? Well, I’ll tell you. It had to do with her confidence. It was the way that she moved her body, how comfortable she was in it, the eye contact; she really connected with him, and the smile, which exuded that positive energy. So you’re probably asking yourself, “Well how can I look confident? What would Kim do?” Well read below, and you can find out some quick easy tips so that you can look and feel confident. See you soon!

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