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Do you know how others perceive you? We often don’t see how we are coming across and how people are forming impressions of us. The psychology of a first impression is pretty basic and simple, but not always totally obvious. In this video, I explain that it only takes 30 seconds for people to form an opinion about you. People take a small sample of you and use that to filter all future information about who you are. First impressions are extremely important when it comes to making connections in dating, job interviews, sales, making friends, and pretty much with anyone you want to have a successful, meaningful relationship with. That is why looking and feeling your best is so crucial in order for people to have a positive image of you. Many of my clients are resistant about changing their look or style in fear that they are not being authentic to who they are. So I tell my clients this: changing the way you present yourself will actually give people the chance to see the real you!

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