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Ever been uncomfortable, nervous, or feel awkward about how to turn your man on? That’s no surprise – it’s very common.

What’s NOT common is this list of sexy tips and tricks designed to give your love life a big erotic boost and make things much hotter for both of you.


So if you want to add spice, variety, and excitement to your bedroom – look no further than this grab bag of tips and tricks to turning him on and driving both of you wild…


1. Tell Him Exactly What You Want

Too often, all the responsibility for getting things started in the bedroom falls on the man’s shoulders. No longer. Try telling him that you want him, BAD – and watch his eyes light up (as his excitement spikes). You can really draw out the pleasure and the anticipation by telling him when you’re out in public and making him wait until he gets you home.


2. Play Hot And Cold With Him

One of the biggest ingredients to eroticism and pleasure is anticipation – a fact that gets too often overlooked by couples today. Spike his anticipation (and his pleasure) by playing games on his back with an ice cube – and warming him up with your breath and your tongue…


3. Spice Things Up With A Quickie

Want to keep the passion flowing between you – but don’t have a lot of time? Or just want to remind him quickly how hot he makes you? Have a quick and nasty session to keep your bond strong and keep him thinking about you for the rest of the day.


4. Sink Your Nails In

Guys are often the ones who get rough in the bedroom – and it’s time ladies fought back. Try raking your nails down his back or giving him a few playful bites on his shoulders to really hammer home how hot he’s making you – and how animalistic you’re feeling.


5. Get Him All Tied Up For The Moment (And Have Him Return The Favor)

If you want to add some naughtiness to the bedroom – consider adding some accessories to really get things cooking. Try some fuzzy handcuffs to lock him up while you ravish him – and then let him return the favor!


6. Reset His “Cooldown Clock”

Is he taking too long to get “back in the game” after he’s climaxed? Try whispering some sexy compliments in his ear – and telling him how turned on he gets you and how badly you want him – to get him ready and raring to go again in record time.


7. Indulge Him And Let Him Be King

Have him get on top of you and show you his wild side as he really lets you know who’s in charge. Start in the missionary position, and bring your knees towards your chest. Hold the backs of your thighs with your hands and challenge him to see how deep he can get.


8. Give Him A Great View

OK – I get it – it’s scary to let him see you totally naked. But that nervousness only adds to the anticipation – erotically charging this challenging but incredibly sexy dare. Try slowly peeling your clothes off in front of him – and watch has he becomes less and less able to hold himself back from jumping your bones.


9. Give Him A Sexy “Don’t Lift A Finger” Treat

He’s not going to be super excited to have sex 100% of the time. When he’s not really into it – but you’re ready and raring to go, try treating him to “don’t lift a finger” sex. It can be incredibly sexy for him to lay back and let you do all the work – just like it can be super sexy for you to take control and do things your way.


10. Tap Into His Primal Side

You know what makes a man most animalistic in the bedroom? Proving he’s a man. Try suggesting some standing sex next time you’re getting frisky with him, and watch how raw and primal he gets when he’s got you up against the wall.


11. Leave Him Helpless And Begging For More

Try adding some sexy naughtiness to the act by tying him up and taking him how you want him. You can use a scarf or even a necktie – and whatever you do don’t forget to make him beg for more.


12. Pay Him Some Sexy Compliments

You know what they say about guys – no amount of ego boosting is ever enough. With that in mind, if you really want to bring out his best in the bedroom, try whispering a sexy compliment in his ear while he’s pleasuring you – and watch him work twice as hard.


13. Ride Him In The Bathtub

Shower sex is slippery and sometimes dangerous – because you have to watch out for falling. Get all of the eroticism without any of the risk by having sex with him while you’re in the bathtub – and have wet dirty soapy fun with each other.


14. Pleasure His Earlobes And Watch His Eyes Light Up

His ears are one of the most overlooked erotic hot spots on his body. Try giving his earlobes a massage with one hand and your tongue while you give another part of him a massage with your other hand, and see how quickly he springs to life.


15. Make Him Wait For The Goods

Start things up with him – but keep all your clothes on. Then, every time you remove an article of clothing, make him wait a whole minute before you remove another one. His passion will reach a frustrated peak – right before you finally get rid of all your clothes and he gets what he really wants.


16. Don’t Let Him Use His Hands

Want a sexy twist for nights where the usual just won’t cut it? Make love with him – but make a rule that neither of you is allowed to use your hands. Instead – you’ll have to get inventive and find other ways of pleasing each other.


17. Give Him A Good Old Fashioned Tease

Slowly and agonizingly kiss your way down his chest like you’re about to give him some oral attention – but stop just short of giving him what he wants, and SLOOOWLY make your way back up his chest. Keep doing that until he begs you to give him what he wants.


18. Put On A Show For Him

Ignite the visual side of his eroticism by giving him a show that will turn him on more than anything. Try having him watch you touch yourself – WITHOUT letting him get in on the fun – until he’s aching for you to give the OK and let him at you.


19. Order Him Around

Sure, guys like to be in charge – but not ALL the time. Surveys show that guys LOVE it when a woman can take charge in the bedroom and order him to do exactly what she wants. It’s a huge turn on for him – and it will be for you too.


20. Massage A Secret Spot

Have you heard of his perineum? It’s the spot between his scrotum and his butt – and it has a secret. It’s the direct line to his prostate – which has been called the male g-spot. Massage him there when he’s getting ready to climax and watch him explode.


21. Surprise Him From Behind

Try this sexy move next time he’s not paying attention. Sneak up behind him and start stroking him from behind with your arms wrapped around him. You’ll be hitting the most sensitive part of his member (the underside of the shaft) and spiking his excitement – especially if he wasn’t expecting to get any.


22. Add Some Naughty Fun To The Shower

I know that I said shower sex can be a little dangerous before – but where’s the excitement without a little danger? Try getting super dirty with him while you’re getting each other clean and act out your wild fantasies in the shower with him.


23. Climb On Top And Ride Him Home

A not super well known fact about sex is this – for the majority of guys, their favorite position is girl on top. Seriously. So next time you’re looking for the position to rock his world, climb on top of him and do exactly that.


24. Blindfold Him And Please Him

Since we already talked about how important anticipation is to good sex – adding a blindfold is the perfect way to get his anticipation through the roof (and his pleasure too). By taking away his sight, every touch, lick, and stroke gets magnified, and so does the pleasure.


25. Add Some New Tasty Sensations

There’s nothing like spicing up some sex with ACTUAL spice. (Actually – don’t do that – spice plus sensitive parts of your body = a bad time). Instead, use sexy flavors like chocolate and whipped cream to make parts of your bodies MUCH tastier – and much more fun to lick!


26. Intensify His Oral Experience

A great way to really intensify oral sex for him is to reach back and grip his butt hard with your hands. He’ll be getting a double dose of sensation from the front and the back, which is enough to put lots of guys right over the edge.


27. Whisper Dirty Thoughts In His Ear

There’s nothing guys love more than a woman who can be naughty – and if you really want to get his libido racing, try whispering exactly what you want to do to him in his ear. If that’s too complicated, stick to throaty moans and sighs – they’ll get the job done for sure.


28. Explore Uncharted Territory

Sex doesn’t JUST have to happen in the bedroom – it can happen anywhere in the house (or outside of it!) Try taking your erotic romp to a new location – and watch the sparks fly as the unfamiliarity is combined with the sexiness to form an erotically charged sex session!


29. Plant A Deep, Wet One On Him

There’s nothing that says “I’m ready for you right now,” quite like a deep, passionate kiss on the mouth. And there’s nothing that says “This is so good, keep going,” quite like a passionate kiss in the middle of sex. Try locking lips while you’re having sex – and watch the passion bloom.


30. Try Some Spooning Sex

If you really want to get things going, but you’re both tuckered out, this go-to sex move is perfect. Try lying side by side as if he were spooning you, and have him enter you from behind. The effort required is minimal, and the payoff is HUGE.


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