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You have read every advice book on dating, attended hundreds of relationship seminars and endured years of therapy in order to get a handle on your love life. Your bookshelves are lined with self-help books from which you can even recite excerpts and quotes- but to no avail, you are still single and have not attracted the right person in your life. Many of my clients come to me frustrated, stating that they have done so much work on themselves and they still keep striking out in the dating battleground. It’s great when you really work on yourself and want to make a change but you are not going to get the results you want by just talking or thinking about it without taking action. When I coach clients in the field I have them put away the books and feel the difference. What I love about working with people in real time in real situations is that it creates shifts in a short amount of time. There are not many things in life where you can do something in an instant and get immediate results like when you get a new outfit or learn to flirt with your body. If you watched the above video, you saw my beautiful client go from feeling like Plain Jane to a Sparkling “10” Jane in 2 days!


So try throwing away all of the guidelines in your head and instead take action by doing a makeover to transform your dating life. Ladies, have you been thinking about giving yourself a total makeover for a while, but have no idea where to start or how to do it so you still look and feel like you? Click here and learn 5 easy steps to a gorgeous new you! And men to find out how to get started on your “manover” click here and find out a quick and efficient way to look and feel your best so that you can grab her attention with your confident presence.

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