You are just about to go on a hot date and you really want to look and feel amazing to impress him. After raiding the closet, you try on a barrage of clothes, throwing them off and saying to yourself, “too tight, too slutty, too frumpy, too boring!”

First impressions happen in an instant and they’re based on two things: The clothes you’re wearing and the attitude you’re rocking. That means if you want to get asked out again and again by the men you want, you need to make sure your clothes honestly reflect who you are and what you want.

When you’re first getting to know a guy, you want your clothes to show him that you’re sexy, subtle, feminine and confident, which may not always be the easiest thing to do. There’s a really fine line between sexy and skimpy and subtle and frumpy, so to help you figure it out I’ve compiled a list of my five simple and straightforward tips for using your clothes to send the right message to men.


Tip #1: Dress in clothes that reflect a confident YOU.

Let’s say you have a big date tonight and you choose a super sexy dress that isn’t really your style, cut or color. If you’re not 100% confident in the way it fits and reflects YOU, like if you think you’ll spend half the night pulling it down to cover your thighs, do not wear it! Only wear clothes that you feel authentic and comfortable in, because those feelings will translate to confidence – the #1 thing every single guy wants.


Tip #2: Leave something to the imagination.

If you do go out wearing that super skimpy, electric red dress that you are falling out of, just be conscious of the message your outfit is sending to men. My male clients all agree that it’s sexier when there’s a little mystery. For example, a hint of lace peeking through your blouse is subtle and sexy enough to leave him wanting more.


Tip #3: Pay attention to fabric.

Men LOVE soft, silky fabrics, so make sure you wear something that appeals to his sense of touch. That sensuality drives men wild, and he’ll be dying to put his arms around you.


Tip #4: Wear lingerie.

Even if you’re single and have no intention of sleeping with your date, wear lingerie because the sexiness you feel is going to shine through. Of course your date won’t know what you’re wearing underneath, but just YOU knowing it will bring out the sex appeal that guys can’t resist.


Tip #5: Focus on being feminine.

Hands down, next to confidence, ALL men want a feminine woman. Take off the corporate blazer and flats and instead wear a dress with a pair of heels.

Why does a dress and heels drive men wild?

Because these are things men don’t wear and it exudes femininity. If you are not comfortable with dresses, go to my website and download my free body type booklet so that you know exactly what cut dress shapes your particular figure. Your focus should be creating a soft appearance and demeanor.


A final note…

As long as you’re dressing in a way that feels authentic to you and doesn’t reveal too much skin, you’re on the right track. Just focus on being subtle, sexy, feminine and confident, and I promise your date won’t be able to get you out of his head and will surely want to see you again.




This article originally posted on Digital Romance.

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