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Building a closet of wardrobe essentials for men is actually a lot easier than it seems, as long as you know the basics. The goal is to present a well dressed, polished and successful looking man to the world, so every piece should have a smart, up-to-date and age appropriate look to it.

If you’re still sporting the same graphic tee shirts from your college days or you haven’t updated your wardrobe in a few years, I really recommend investing in a few new basics from this wardrobe essentials for men list, because they make a huge difference.

1. Stylish, masculine pants.

Every man needs at least one pair of nice, well-fitting pants. The hem should be slightly angled to allow the front of the pants to sit on the shoes and you should be able to fit no more or less than two fingers in the waistband. You’ll probably need to get your pants hemmed, so pay attention to those fit cues. And no pleats, please!

2. Great jeans.

When it comes to jeans, fit is the most important part so make sure you understand your body type and what looks good on you. Keep in mind that baggy jeans are no longer in style, and a slim/straight pair of dark jeans looks good on everyone and can easily take you from day to night.

3. Dress shirts, casual shirts and sweaters.

Your wardrobe should have at least three oxford shirts for a dressier date, a casual shirt that expresses your personality and a few well-fitted sweaters. If you’re going for a younger, cooler look and are on the thin side, try layering your sweaters over one of your oxfords. If you’re on the heavier side, avoid layering because it adds bulk. And of course you can have your sports jerseys, but they should only be worn when you’re watching the game – not on a date.

4. A nice pair of shoes.

Shoes are an essential part of a masculine wardrobe, and can go a long way toward expressing your personality and looking great. For starters, every man needs a cool pair of sneakers and a dress shoe like an oxford or loafer. If you want to try something different, invest in a cool black ankle boot.

5. Accessories.

Choosing your accessories is a really personal thing, but for starters I recommend a great watch, a funky tie and updated glasses. For more ideas, pay attention to what celebrities and people in magazines are wearing. Go into the stores and speak with a sales associate about what’s hip right now. The important thing with accessories is that they feel updated, not like you bought them five years ago.

A final note…

As a man, you want your wardrobe to reflect your unique personality. Even though these are basic wardrobe essentials, you can still make them your own. For example, instead of getting a plain black tie, choose one with a cool pattern if that feels authentic to you. I encourage you to really have fun with building your wardrobe, because that energy will come through when you’re out in the world.

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