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I’m excited to share with you my brand new video series and newsletters where I will be giving you the latest tips and trends on dating and style. You will be getting a wealth of information such as how to prepare for dates, ways to rock out your style, how to get your mojo back when dating after divorce, and more. I am also thrilled to announce a new webisode series, “How To Make Heads Turn,” that you will also be receiving in my newsletter. In this series, you will see me ambushing people in the streets to get all different kinds of perspectives from men and women from various cities on what makes THEIR heads turn and NOTICE you. Find out what attracts the opposite sex and believe me, there are definite patterns and universal things that men and women find sexy.

Finally, you may be asking why I titled my newsletter “What Would Kim Do?” Well, a funny phenomenon has taken place with my clients that I work with directly. I coach my clients live in the field and watch them with their presentation, their body language, their flirting techniques and how they are conveying messages to the opposite sex. I’m kind of like “Hitch” meets “What Not To Wear”… that’s me! My clients are usually blown away with the experience of having another set of eyes to see what is working and what is not. Then, my clients come back to me and say, “you know when I was on that date I had you in my head and I was thinking, ‘What Would Kim Do?'” Then they implement some of the techniques they learned on our session together and they have great success.

So, although I cannot be your Sereno De Bergerac hiding in a bush and telling you what to do, I titled my newsletters, “What Would Kim Do” so that you can at least start by having a guide and reference to think about as you are heading out on those dates or changing your style. Thanks for joining me and I look forward to getting to know you!

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