Total MakeoverDo you feel frumpy, unattractive, outdated or overwhelmed every time you look in the mirror or try to get dressed in the morning? Do you wish you had more style like some of your friends, but you fear you couldn’t pull it off? Have you been thinking about giving yourself a total makeover for a while, but have no idea where to start or how to do it so you still look and feel like you – just with a sexy new look?

If so, you’re in luck, because today’s blog is dedicated to helping you give yourself a total makeover that makes you look and feel like a million bucks. Just follow these five simple tips, and you’ll be on your way to owning a gorgeous new look that’s all your own.

Tip #1: Update your wardrobe.

How do you feel when you open the closet door and peek inside at the clothes hanging in front of you? Are you excited because every single piece flatters and slims you, or are you overwhelmed because all you see are various ill-fitting blouses, frumpy pants and outdated dresses with the tag still on? If you don’t absolutely love most of the things in your closet, it’s time to update your look – asap!

Next time you’re out shopping with your girlfriends, flipping through the latest Cosmo or watching a stylish TV show, take note of the outfits you like. Get a feel for your personal style and make a note when you see an outfit that you would absolutely LOVE to wear to your next meeting, or at the field watching your kid play soccer. Once you have a good idea of the look you want to create (e.g., classic, glamorous, boho-chic, eclectic, artsy, sporty, etc.) you can start shopping for items that reflect your new style.

Tip #2: Don’t forget your hair!

Have you ever noticed that when you have a bad hair day, your whole day suffers? That’s because for women, our hair is the center of who we are. It frames your face and has the ability to make you feel sexy, cute or glamorous, depending on the style.

If you find that you’re unhappy with your hair more than 50% of the time, start looking for a new look. Taking into account your hair’s texture, your face shape, and your lifestyle, look through your magazines to find a hairstyle that works for you. Then take your ideas to a trusted stylist, and get ready to love your hair again.

Tip #3: Fall in love with accessories.

There are very noticeable trends in belts, jewelry, bags and purses, so if you haven’t updated these pieces in awhile, chances are they’re out of date. The good news is, because accessories are generally less expensive than clothes and shoes, updating them is an inexpensive way to breathe new life into your entire look.

Tip #4: Don’t forget about your shoes!

Shoes can make or break your look, so make sure these are updated! Swap out your old square-toed shoes for a new oval or pointed toe that elongates your body and gives your entire style a more feminine, elegant feel. While you’re at it, toss a sexy new pair of bright red heels into the mix to make your little black dresses pop.

Tip #5: Freshen your makeup.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t like to wear makeup every day, keep in mind that even just a little tinted moisturizer, mascara and lipstick can do wonders for your overall appearance, and make you look and feel years younger. For assistance with this tip, head to your department store’s makeup counter and tell the sales person the look you’re going for – natural, glamorous, or sophisticated. Then sit back and enjoy.

A final note…

Although it’s completely doable, giving yourself a total makeover can be challenging. If you want extra help in perfecting your new look, sign up for my virtual makeover service for one-on-one guidance. I hope to get the chance to work with you soon!

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  1. I am more than 50% of the time unhappy with my hair and it makes my whole day just seem grim! I finally have the hairstyle that I have always wanted but I do not wash my hair every day due to our water which is no good for any hair type, so the night before I wash my hair which looks great then, the next morning I can still be happy with the style but oh days after that its just horrible, makes me feel 90 years old and its just not sexy and good looking at all. So the 3d night I wash my hair again so just to feel good only the next day and so the cycle starts all over again! Also I try to make my grey look good (I am a trendy 54y old) with all sorts, and oh the plans I can make, it was black and then blond and now blond and grey. But it also works and I kinda like the colour but oh man with the “in between” style and the grey…….no I need to chance and soon hey! So now I am thinking to go for a pixy hairstyle, quite messy but the colour needs to chance from grey-blond to white. Do you think this will be suitable for my age. I love stylish and young clothes and I am one of those people that can wear my clothes and not the other way around. I am also working on my make-up technique currently, I need more colour, blusher, a red lip, Smokey eyes etc. Must say I do quite well in that department and from watching make overs on television, I learnt a great deal. So can I go to the hairdresser safely and ask for this totally different look without being foolish or look cheap? I am quite the classy lady so yeah I worry about what people say and think of me.

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